Rock-Mite Update #1

I’ve spent a bit of time adding a few more components to the Rock-Mite tonight.  I’ve been intending to add a few components per night, but other things have been getting in the way.  Tonight I’ve added quite a few more than I expected but I ran out of solder in the end so I was forced to stop.  Here’s a picture of where its up to.

Image or Rock-Mite

I’ll pick some new solder up tomorrow and try and get it completed over the weekend.  I’m building this for my intermediate amateur radio license, which is allowed, indeed its requried, but what I’m not sure about is – am I allowed to plug it in to test it?


Hello Blog!

With starting a new job in July I thought I’d take the plunge and start a blog to go with it. This way my friends at my old workplace can keep up with the things I’m doing.  Yes, I could have used Facebook/Google+/Twitter etc. but there’s something about running your own blogging services that gives you a sense of ownership of the blog and will hopefully give me the encouragement to keep it updated.

For now the blog is up and running using WordPress with Twitter integration.  I’ll hopefully add Google+ integration when a decent module comes out.