Rock-Mite Update #3

Well, I managed to get the rest of the components added to the Rock-Mite.  I’m nearly finished.  My soldering skills are now back up to what they were when I used to chip PlayStation’s and I’m already looking forward to testing this out.

And the back after I’ve removed as much of the flux as I could…

I was also thinking of making a 40M dipole to use with the Rock-Mite, but by the time I had bought the cable, dog bones and something for the centre it was just as expensive as buying a complete 40M dipole from eBay – so thats what I did, hopefully it will be delivered this week and I can start to work out how to get the antenna up on my house.

I know seasoned amateur radio enthusiasts would cringe at the fact that I’ve bought a long wire, and I can imagine that if you have a load of spare items around making a dipole would be very cheap, but at the moment I don’t have the spare items around so buying was the best I could do 🙂

The next job for the Rock-Mite is to get the connector kit connected and get it mounted in the case.


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