Slice of Pi I/O!

I decided to try and spend some time working with my Raspberry Pi this week.  The first thing I wanted to do was to add an MCP23017 to the device to expand the I/O.  I did this by buying the Slice of Pi I/O kit from Ciseco. This adds the MCP23017 and some pluggable headers via a PCB that slots onto to the GPIO headers on the Raspberry Pi.  It comes in a kit form and needs some basic soldering skills to put it together.

The Slice of Pi I/O took about 20 minutes to put together and was fairly easy.  I would recommend it as a beginner project if your new to soldering and electronics.

Unfortunately my Raspberry Pi is still running Debian, rather than Raspbian.  This means I don’t have I2C support yet, so my next step is to re-install with Raspbian and test the device out.


I’ve Finally Finished Gears of War 3…

I finally got around to finishing Gears of War 3 last night.  It was a good game, although while I think the game mechanics were ground breaking when Gears 1 was first released, by the time Gears 3 came out they were a bit stale and repetitive.  I seem to remember the series being sold as one of the first games to have a real story to it, and Epic brought on authors to help write it etc.  By Gears 3 you realise that while the story in a book form may have been quite good – its portrayal in a game form was pretty poor.  In my opinion BioShock portrayed its story a lot better than Gears, and yet BioShock’s hype was around the “twist” rather than the story.  Also, this game was much easier than the two before it, at times I was able to run and gun – or even miss out enemies altogether and make it to a cut screen.  The end game character was easier to beat than in a lot of games.

Don’t think these few criticisms mean I didn’t enjoy the game.  I enjoyed it it a lot, but I don’t think I’ll be going back to play it in Insane mode as I did the original.  Now I’m not sure what to play next… Halo remake or Dead Island…