Rock-Mite Update #6

I spent the best part of the afternoon looking at the Rock-Mite 40 QRP transceiver today.

I’d been trying to get it working a few months ago before I changed jobs, I had to put the project had to go on hold to concentrate on learning PL\SQL and SQL for my new job.

The last time I looked at it, I knew I had put Q5 in the wrong way around, and I had smoke coming from Q6 when I bench tested the device.  So this afternoon I started by removing Q5 and Q6 and replacing them with fresh components (obviously putting Q5 in the right way around).  A new bench test produced no smoke, but the transceiver still wasn’t working.  A new test of U1,U2 and U3 voltages showed that things were still not right on U3.  I sat looking at every component on the board until I finally spotted another mistake – Q2 was also the wrong way around!  I’m not sure how I made so many mistakes on this board, but hopefully this is the last one.

Rock-Mite 40 Problems

For now I’ve removed the transistor, but I don’t have any 2N7000’s in my spares box, so I’ve had to order some from eBay.  These should come next week.  If they do I can put a new one in and see how that changes things. With any luck I should be able to hear some CW 🙂


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