I’ve had a bit of a poor history with Java.

I first tried programming in Java back when Borland JBuilder 3 was on the cover of nearly every PC magazine, this must have been around 2000.  I thought I’d like the IDE as Borland Delphi was so good, but I couldn’t get on with JBuilder at all.  I suppose one of the real problems was that I didn’t really understand OOP back then.  It was only when I started writing software for BeOS (now Haiku OS) in C++ that I really got to grips with OOP.

EdX had a Java course starting around about the time I’d finished the Scratch course so I enrolled and I’m glad to say that I’ve passed!


The course itself was really good.  It covered all the basics right up to object oriented programming using interfaces and abstract classes.  The programming assignments were challenging and enjoyable at the same time.

I’m really looking forward to Part 2, which has been announced but there isn’t a start date yet.  In the mean time I’m working through some C# and Bootstrap courses Microsoft have on EdX.