Deploying Multiple files using Chef and Arrays

This post is one of a number of posts I’m making on nifty little tricks for Chef beginners.  These posts will try and detail solutions to common problems I found when learning Chef.  Hopefully I will save some people some time.

When I first started using Chef I would write the same lines of code over and over again to deploy files to a server.  This code would look something like the following:

cookbook_file "/etc/test/file1.txt"
   source "/my/files/file1.txt"

While this works for a few files it soon becomes unmanageable when you need to deploy more than a few.  The easiest way to keep your recipe nice and tidy is to create an array of the files and loop through the array performing the Chef action on the file that’s needed.  This will reduce the number of lines in your recipe and will be easier to maintain going forward.  This looks like this:

# Location of the files and templates within the cookbook
# the following location would translation to files/default/my/files

# Location to deploy to

# Array of the files that require to be deployed
file_array = [

# For each file in the array
file_array.each do |this_file|
   cookbook_file "#{etc_directory}/" + this_file do
      source "#{files_directory}/#{this_file}"

The inner code works with cookbook_file, template or anything else you may need to do multiple times.


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