Maven – Index Downloads are Disabled


When trying to add Maven dependencies to your project you encounter the message “Index downloads are disabled, search results may be incomplete.”, as shown in the following screenshot.

Maven Index Downloads are Disabled


To fix this, enable “Download repository index updates on startup” within the Eclipse preferences, as show in the following screenshot. then restart Eclipse.

Fix Maven Index Downloads are DisabledFix

Detailed Steps

  1. Select the menu item Window->Preferences
  2. Select Maven on the left hand side
  3. Place a tick in the Download repository index updates on startup
  4. Select OK
  5. Select the menu item File->Restart

Darcula for NetBeans IDE

Someone has released a Darcula theme for NetBeans.

Netbeans with the Darcula Theme

Netbeans with the Darcula Theme

I don’t use NetBeans myself, but its one of the IDE’s that I’ve been wanting to take a look at in the future as I’m booked on a Java training course that will use it. When I do get to use it, I’ll be using this theme. Darcula much less stressing on the eye when you are coding all day.